25 Anos de Música Original nos Açores

25 years of original music in the Azores

In 1982 the Azorean band Construção recorded its debut album Há Qualquer Coisa, one of the first professionally recorded music album of the Azores. Its 25th anniversary was chosen by the Teatro Micaelense to symbolically produce an event dedicated to the music of Azorean singers and songwriters. This project involved:
- the making of the Azorean Authors Songbook, by Rafael Fraga and Augusto Macedo;
- Live concerts in Ponta Delgada, Horta, Angra do Heroísmo and Lisbon;
- a CD, recorded at the Teatro Micaelense (released 2010);
- a DVD (documentary): Canções de Luz e de Sombra (Songs of Light and Shadow - released 2010).

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Teatro Micaelense invited Rafael Fraga to write the arrangements and orchestrations for the project, and José Medeiros to direct the DVD. RTP-A channel co-produced the event and broadcasted it on local television.

Technical layout | Concert

Musical direction, arrangements and additional composition | Rafael Fraga
Musical direction assistant | Augusto Macedo

Vocals | Alexandra Ávila and João David Almeida
Piano | João Paulo Esteves da Silva
Guitars and vocals | Rafael Fraga
Saxophones | Jorge Reis
Accordeon, flute and vocals | Luís Fernandes
Bass | Augusto Macedo
Drums | Bruno Pedroso
Percussion | Sebastian Scheriff
Violins | Grigori Spektor and Natália Zhylkina
Viola | Pasquale Sansanelli
Cello | Natália Ferraz
Flute | Yuriy Pankiv

Sound engineering | Raul Resendes

25 Anos de Música Original nos Açores - Première, Ponta Delgada, 2007

25 Anos de Música Original nos Açores - Poster, 2007