About me

I have been making music professionally for about 15 years, mostly as guitarist, composer and arranger. Over the last 5 years I started to sing on a regular basis, mostly my own material, and this new phase originated my latest album, Trova Caminhada, released October 2017. > listen here

I have experienced a deep personal transformation over the last couple of years, which I believe is reflected on this music. I hope my work adds value to the life of others, and contributes for their enjoyment of life. 

I would love to hear from you, please feel free to get in touch > email

Rafael was born in Lisbon and lived in the Azores islands (Portugal) most of his childhood. He started playing the guitar at the age of 13, when his father taught him some chords. After concluding a BA in Biology he dedicated himself entirely to music and writing. 
He studied jazz guitar for a short period and then pursued studies in classical composition, completing a BA at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa in 2008 and a MA at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2010.
His main musical influences are Bossanova, Portuguese folk music, Jazz and Classical-Contemporary music - an eclectic mix, reflected in his own music. 
Rafael has worked as guitarist, composer or orchestrator in many projects, involving some of the most important Portuguese and Dutch artists, such as Carlos do Carmo, Ana Moura, João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Carlos Barretto, the Netherlands Blazers Ensemble, Quatro Ventos, Maria de Fátima, etc.
In 2011 he starts performing consistently as lead singer and solo instrumentalist, releasing “Mysteries of the Portuguese Guitar” (Silvox Records) in 2014.

The Rafael Fraga Quartet was created in 2015, with the main purpose of playing Rafael’s original material, culminating with the recording of the album “Trova Caminhada” in July 2017.  The album is released by Dutch label TRPTK. 

Rafael loves history, photography and chess, and plays football every Saturday. He lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

> Listen / Buy to the new release TROVA CAMINHADA



solo albums:
Trova Caminhada (2017) > LISTEN / BUY
Mysteries of the Portuguese Guitar (2014) > LISTEN / BUY
Entre Cidades (2005)

band albums:
Mitos e Lendas (2012. Band: Quatro Ventos)
25 Anos de Música Original nos Açores (2010)
A um Porto Seguro (2003. Band: Águas de Março)

other appearances
A Place to Belong (2017. Artist: Kim de Stella) 
Fados, Fantasmas e Folias (2010. Artist: José Medeiros)

Os Pinheiros da Estrada (2016)
Carlos do Carmo Songbook (2008, with Augusto Macedo)
Azorean authors’ Songbook (2007, with August Macedo)

Rafael Fraga_Trova Caminhada_album cover
Photo and artwork by Brendon Heinst
Rafael Fraga_Mysteries of the Portuguese Guitar_album cover
Photo by Marloes Levie. Artwork by Marco Silva.