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Blues in Boxes II      | Original soundtrack. more >>
Mitos e Lendas         | CD / Tour with Quatro Ventos
Rafael and Rugile   | with Rugile Daujotaité more >>

Daisy canta José Afonso | Tour with Daisy Correia
Het nieuwe donker | Music by Rafael Fraga
Caminhos de Lug | For mandolin and guitar (commissioned by Mauro Squillanti, Italy)
Em tela branca de vida inteira | For cello and Portuguese guitar (comm. by Isabel Vaz, PT)

Van de weemoed en de troost | With the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and Ana Moura
Eira | Piece for soprano, portuguese guitar and ensemble

25 Anos de música original nos Acores | CD - Arrangements and additional composition by Rafael Fraga

July 14 - 19h - Grote Markt, The Hague

Rafael / Fado meets bossanova will take the stage of the Summertime Festival on Friday July 14, for a cheerful, surprising and groovy mix of Portuguese, Brazilian and other grooves. 

Full program at:

​Nederlands Blazers Ensemble - Cuba 2016

Following a collaboration in 2011, Rafael was once more invited to write  music for the latest program of the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, dedicated to Cuban music. The project toured the Netherlands in January 2016 and counted with the participation of Cuban artists such as Pancho Amat and Yusa.

Visit the NBE site to know more about this project
The cozy and intimate atmosphere of the Fado clubs of Lisbon recreated in Amsterdam, in a series of regular concerts at Munganga Theater, which I have the pleasure of hosting. 
The concerts take place in an informal setting, inviting the audience to participate and getting involved.

With: Rafael Fraga, Aki Spadaro, Marko Bonarius, Efraim Schulz-Wackerbarth and guests Mariandoro and Laureen Peskens

Tickets here

Wroclaw, Poland
September 30

Rafael will be performing as special guest in João de Sousa's LUTA
tour concert in Wroclaw, Poland.
Em tela branca de vida inteira In the white canvas of a lifetime | Isolino Vaz in memoriam (2012)
New composition for cello and portuguese guitar, inspired in the works of visual artist Isolino Vaz. Commissioned by his daughter, cellist Isabel Vaz, as part of the celebration of her late father's 90th anniversary.
 > More about Isolino Vaz
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Rafael Fraga & Ana Roque
Rafael and Lisbon-based singer Ana Roque started to work on a new CD. The first recording sessions took place in Lisbon and the album will consist entirely of yet unreleased songs by Rafael. 
more >>
Celebrating Vinicius de Moraes
Celebrating Vinicius' 100th anniversary, the Utrecht based Rood Noot theatre group joins Norah Paiva and Rafael Fraga to hommage the life and work of a remarkable character of modern culture.

Rood Noot, Utrecht 
Oct 11 | 18h
 more >>

Rafael Fraga & Ana Roque
Following a short collaboration in February 2013, 
Rafael invites fado singer Ana Roque for a joint venture in an upcoming album. 
Rafael's totally original and unreleased songs will inspire the search for a unique space, blending fado influences, bossanova and deeply rooted in Portuguese folk traditions.
more >>

Blues in Boxes II 
Newly composed original soundtrack by Rafael Fraga commissioned for the second episode of Blues in Boxes, a series of short stories by Anna van der Kruis. Live performances from Aug 1 to 11, Boulevard Festival (Den Bosch).
more >>

Traz outro amigo também (Arranged for voice, piano and strings; sound recorded live in CCB, Lisbon)
O Homem voltou (arranged for ensemble, recorded live in Barcelona, 2012)
20 Canções para Zeca Afonso is a set of songs by José Afonso which I arranged. It's a blend of folk, jazz and classical contemporary music, written for two singers, piano and saxophone jazz quintet and string quartet.
From 2012 onwards I rearranged some of the material in order to allow a smaller stage setting without strings and saxophone.

With: João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Jorge Reis, Sofia Vitória, João David Almeida, Augusto Macedo, etc.

More about 20 Canções para Zeca Afonso
In 2011, the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble dedicated a program to Portuguese music. I was honored to be invited as artistic consultant, arranger and guest composer. With fadista Ana Moura and portuguese guitarist Bernardo Couto.

Author(s): Diverse; arrangements and additional composition by Rafael Fraga
Performers: Netherlands Blazers Ensemble, Ana Moura, Bernardo Couto. Date of recording: Jan. 2011

Additional audio: Se voaras mais ao perto (José Afonso, arranged by Rafael Fraga)

Guitarra e Mistério is a project centred on the portuguese guitar and some of its classic repertoire, along with new arrangements and adaptations. Music by Rafael Fraga, Carlos Paredes, António Pinho Vargas, Charlie Haden, Jobim and others.

More Guitarra e Mistério

Arrangements and additional composition: Rafael Fraga
With: Rafael Fraga (portuguese guitar) and Eva Aukes (guitar)
Style/Genre: Popular, Folk, Contemporary

Additional audio:
Composer / arranger | Nylon guitar, electric guitar, portuguese guitar and vocals.

Rafael was born in Lisbon and lived in the Azores (Portugal) most of his childhood. He started playing the guitar at the age of 13 and after concluding a BA in Biology he dedicated himself entirely to music and writing. 

He studied jazz guitar for a short period and then pursued studies in classical composition, completing a BA at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa in 2008 and a MA at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2010.

His main musical influences are Bossanova, Portuguese folk music, Jazz and classical-contemporary music. His work an composer and arranger reflects a need to blend these diverse musical contexts and perspectives in a balanced way.

He has worked as a guitarist, composer and orchestrator in many projects. Some of his most relevant collaborations include leading fado singers such as Carlos do Carmo and Ana Moura, poet Nuno Júdice, pianist João Paulo Esteves da Silva or the editor Nelson de Matos (Portugal), the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Quatro VentosDaisy Correia (Netherlands), along with many other artists and ensembles.

Besides music, he writes prose and poetry, with sparse publications. He has released and participated in several music albums and edited two songbooks, with Augusto Macedo as co-author.

Rafael is currently based in Amsterdam. 

Latest projects and works

Blues in Boxes II | Original soundtrack. more >>
Mitos e Lendas | CD / Tour with Quatro Ventos
Rafael And Rugile 

Guitarra e Mistério | With Eva Aukes
Daisy canta José Afonso | Tour with Daisy Correia
Het nieuwe donker | Theater play / soundtrack . Text by Caitlin van der Maas, music by Rafael Fraga
Caminhos de Lug | Piece for mandolin and guitar (commissioned by Mauro Squillanti, Italy)
Em tela branca de vida inteira | Piece for cello and Portuguese guitar (comm. by Isabel Vaz, PT)

Van de weemoed en de troost | Arrangements for the the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble/Ana Moura
Eira | Piece for soprano, portuguese guitar and ensemble - recorded July 2011, unreleased.

25 Anos de música original nos Acores | Concerts, CD release
With João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Augusto Macedo, João David Almeida, Alexandra Ávila, etc.

Rafael and Rugile | première


Daisy Correia canta José Afonso

Dutch-Portuguese singer Daisy Correia recently started her new tour, dedicated to the music of José Afonso. In about 20 concerts, we are exploring the work of this wonderful author throughout stages allover the Netherlands.
Tour dates and more

Rafael & Rugile



2 | Het Tuin Theatertje, Deurne
8 | Schouwburg de Kring, Rosendaal
9 | House concert, Nijmegen
15 | Café de Stroop, Bosschenhoofd 
23, 13h | Regenboogfestival, Geldrop
23, 16h | Millingen aan de Rijn
29 | Oporto, Nijmegen
30 | Theater de Schalm, Veldhoven

Detailed info and full agenda

Het Nieuwe Donker soundtrack/ perform

A closed container, 15 refugees totally in the dark trying to preserve their sanity and communicate. 
Text and direction by Caitlin van der Maas, music by Rafael Fraga. With Yentl Schieman and Rafael Fraga.

Over het Ij Festival - 5 to 15 July (NDSM, Amsterdam)
More about Het Nieuwe Donker here

Águas de Março: Ao vivo - A um Porto Seguro
Rafael Fraga: Entre Cidades

Aguas de Março - Live

Waters of March

Rafael's first original project, active from 1999 to 2004, deeply influenced by Brazilian music. Live recorded and released in 2003.

Author(s): Rafael Fraga, Alexandra Ávila, Paulo Andrade
With: Rafael Fraga, Alexandra Ávila, Paulo Andrade, Augusto Macedo, Pedro Agrelos and Carla Cordeiro.
Media type: Live recorded album.
Date of recording: March 2002
Style / Genre: Bossanova, acoustic

> Go to project's webpage
> Order!

Melissa Oliveira jazz/fado project


Rota del Sud venue/jam session

Rota del Sud is a jam session dedicated to the music of Latin and Mediterranean cultures. A gathering of musicians and music lovers who share their passion for the warm music of Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, etc.
Upcoming edition: July | Talia, Amsterdam



4 | Norah Paiva, CC Muziekcafé, Amsterdam- 21h
5 to 14 | Het Nieuwe Donker (Over't Ij Fest) 

8 | Quatro Ventos, Hortus Arcadia - Nijmegen - 14h
| Quatro Ventos - Oporto, Nijmegen - 19h
16 | Quatro Ventos - Oporto, Nijmegen - 19h
29 | Daisy Correia - De Steeg, Arnhem - 11.30h

More events and details

9 | CvA Festival, Amsterdam Blue Note - 21h
10 | Quatro Ventos,  Aalten - 13h
16 | Melissa Oliveira, The Hague - 20h
23 | Quatro Ventos,  Alvito (PT) - 21h
24 | Quatro Ventos,  La Islantilla (Spain) - 21h

27 | Janneke Rinzema, Amsterdam Blue Note - 17h
30 | Quatro Ventos - Oporto, Nijmegen - 18h


Guitarra e Mistério  May 27 | Amsterdam

Rafael's project dedicated to the Portuguese guitar goes live in Amsterdam, for a private venue. With Eva Aukes (g).
5 | Quatro Ventos, Theater de Kattendans 
Emanuel Pessanha, Oporto (Nijmegen) 
7 | Quatro Ventos,  Vrijhof Cultureelcentrum
17 | Melissa Oliveira 4tet, Badcuyp
(Amsterdam) - 20h 
19 | Rota del Sud, Talia (Amsterdam) - 20h
26 | Oporto, Nijmegen - 18.30h
27 | Guitarra e Mistério | Amsterdam (private)
28 | Melissa Oliveira 4tet (The Hague) - 13.30h

More concert dates

11: Sta Maria, Portugal | With Bruno Walter and Friends
19: Talia - Amsterdam | With Eva Aukes, Breno Virícimo and João David Almeida
20: Dias Latinos Festival - Amersfoort | With Guitarra e Mistério
25: Barco do Fado, Rotterdam, Netherlands | With Quatro Ventos

2: CC Lagos, Portugal | With Quatro Ventos
3 and 4: La Cigüeña - Islantilla, Spain | With Quatro Ventos
17: Ant Festival, Amsterdam | With Rosmaninho
29: Barco do Fado, Rotterdam, Netherlands | With Emanuel Pessanha
30: Café Bacchus - Aalsmeer, Netherlands, 21h | With Guitarra e Mistério

07: Heerlen, Netherlands | With Maria de Fátima and Emanuel Pessanha
27: Barco Do Fado | With Maria de Fátima & Ensemble
28: C.C. Griffioen, Uilenstede, Netherlands, 20h | With Daisy Correia
29: Oporto, Nijmegen | With Quatro Ventos

12: Lions Club, Maastrich, Netherlands | With Emanuel Pessanha
13: Nijmegen, Netherlands | With Emanuel Pessanha
24: Barco do Fado, Rotterdam | With Quatro Ventos

Rafael Fraga - Archive

Portuguese composer, guitarist and writer.
BiographyPortfolio Releases
| Listen

Free guitar lessons season 1 - Dec 9th, final concert


The final concerts for this season's free guitar lessons group is now officially scheduled for December 9th, at 20h in Talia: stress, surprising songs and exciting performances! Special guests: Otto Cepella (gt) and Aili Deiwiks.

For more information, check the Free guitar lessons webpage.

Of Sadness and Consolation
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and Ana Moura

The Nederlands Blazers Ensemble presents a program fully dedicated to Portuguese music. With acclaimed fado singer Ana Moura and guitarist Bernardo Couto. The music is composed and arranged by Rafael Fraga, Luís Soldado, Guillermo Lago, among others, and recalls also late composers such as Zeca Afonso, Júlio de Sousa or Artur Paredes.
Rafael Fraga contributed with Lamento, a piece premiered in 2010 and arrangements of Se voaras mais ao perto (Zeca Afonso), Fado das águas (Mário Raínho/Alfredo Marceneiro), Fado vestido de fado (Fernando Maurício, Mário Raínho / Trad.) and Aguarda-te ao chegar (Carlos Viana/ Cristina Viana).

> Radio 4 Live broadcast available here!
> Live concert sound samples here!

For more info: nbe.nl

Jose' Medeiros: Fados, Fantasmas e Folias
Feat. Rafael Fraga and Uxia

Fados Fantasma e Folias_ Rafael Fraga

Azorean singer and songwriter José Medeiros has recently released his latest record, Fado, Fantasmas e Folias (Fado, ghosts and revelries), in a double album in which Rafael had the pleasure to participate: he arranged and recorded Portuguese and acoustic guitars in Santiago, Campo d'Estrelas (Santiago, Fields of Stars), sung by José Medeiros and Galician singer Uxia.

New Bandcamp page


Rafael's music is now also available at Bandcamp.com, an online service for music distribution. You can check Rafael's Bandcamp page and download Entre cidades from there in all required formats, from Wav, FLAC, Mp3, etc.

Guitarra e mistério at Dias Latinos


Rafael participated with Guitarra e Mistério in the Dias Latinos, a festival fully dedicated to Latin rooted music. In two presentation of 45 minutes, the Portuguese guitar brought some unique atmospheres and emotions to this event.

Location: Theater de lieve vrouw, Amersfoort
Date and time: August 20, 15:00h

With: Rafael Fraga and Eva Aukes

For more info: Dias Latinos Festival

Guitarra e Mistério


To access the Livestream recording, go to

Soon there will be media and new features regarding the première of Guitarra e Mistério. Stay tuned!

Broadcasted in Livestream from


Rafael Fraga | Guitarra e Mistério
- what’s beyond Fado in Portuguese guitar -

Talia - cultural space |    Apr 9   |    20h
Prinsenstraat, 12 - Amsterdam

In Guitarra e Mistério, Rafael's new project, the Portuguese guitar explores new and fascinating musical paths and reveals  what’s beyond Fado in Portuguese music.
This première will present the duo developed with guitarist Eva Aukes in a journey through some of the best Portuguese folk inspired music, paying also a unique tribute to other traditions and musicians, such as Jobim or Pat Metheny.

Emanuel Pessanha invites Rafael Fraga


Nijmegen | March 6 | 16h

For the second time Emanuel Pessanha invited Rafael Fraga to share the informal and cosy stage of Oporto - Casa de Fado at Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
A good opportunity to share a quiet Sunday afternoon in the company of fado and the Portuguese guitar.

Grand-café restaurant
Hertogstraat 1 (hoek Kelfkensbos)
6511 RV Nijmegen

Tel. +31(0)24-3220498
Fax. +31(0)24-3242137
K.v.K: 09119756

25 Anos de Música Original nos Açores

Project dedicated to Azorean music, produced by the Teatro Micaelense.

Following the edition of the Azorean Authors Songbook and the live concert dedicated to this music in 2007, now comes the edition of the CD, which Rafael directed, and a DVD containing a documentary directed by José Medeiros.
The public presentation of both works occurred December 2010.

Musical direction and arrangements | Rafael Fraga
Assistant musical director | Augusto Macedo
With: Alexandra Ávila, João David Almeida, João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Jorge Reis, Bruno Pedroso, among others.

(Dis)Entangling Darwin:Cross-Disciplinary Reflections on the Man and his Legacy

2009 marked the bicentenary of Charles Darwin's birth (12 February 1809) and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his groundbreaking On the Origin of Species (24 November 1859). The University of Porto CETAPS held a special conference to honor Charles Darwin's enduring legacy, and examine how his ideas remain central to contemporary research, within and beyond the biological sciences, echoing the global celebrations of his life and work, and his impact across the disciplines.

Rafael presented On the Evolution of Musical Species, a paper applying Darwin's theory to the history of classical music.