Mitos e Lendas

Quatro Ventos is a Portuguese music band based in the Netherlands and lead by singer Emanuel Pessanha. Mitos e Lendas, the band's latest album, is a singular collection of songs dedicated to Portuguese myths and legends, wrapped in a fado touch. Rafael contributed with guitars, vocals and arrangements, and also  with one of his original songs, Terra Presa.
CD title: Mitos e Lendas; Band: Quatro Ventos; Label: Silvox, NL; Released: 2013

25 Anos de música Açores _ Rafael Fraga

25 Anos de Música Original nos Acores 

In 2007 the Teatro Micaelense (Azores, Portugal) produced a concert dedicated to the music of Azorean authors. Rafael assured musical direction and arrangements. The resulting CD album was released in December 2010. 
CD title: 25 Anos de música original nos Acores; Musical direction, arrangements, guitars: Rafael Fraga; Label: Teatro Micaelense; Released: 2010.  > CD page

Entre Cidades_Rafael Fraga

Entre Cidades - Suite for solo guitar

Entre cidades is an experimental composition for scordatura guitar, searching for a singular aesthetic approach to the instrument. Package includes score, analysis of the piece and sound engeneering details.

Title: Entre cidades
Authors: Rafael Fraga
Publisher: EC Prod
Released: 2005

Águas de Março_Rafael Fraga

Águas de Marco - A um Porto Seguro

One of Rafael's first experiences as leading composer/ arranger was with Águas de Marco (Waters of March), a bossanova inspired project, featuring only original music. This project occurred mainly between 1999 and 2004, resulting in a live recorded CD released in 2003.

Title: A um porto Seguro
Authors: Rafael Fraga, Paulo Andrade, Alexandra Ávila
Publisher: Águas de Marco
Released: 2003

Fados, Fantasmas e Folias_José Medeiros_Rafael Fraga

Fado, Fantasmas e Folias 

Portuguese composer José Medeiros edited "Fado, Fantasmas e Folias" (Fado, ghosts and revelries) in a double album in which Rafael had the pleasure to participate with guitars and arrangement in Santiago, Campo d'Estrelas, a song dedicated to Galicia in which the galician singer Uxia also participated.
CD title: Fado, Fantasmas e Folias; Author: José Medeiros; Label: Algarpalcos; Released: 2010.

Notas à margem

Female amateur ensemble TunaMaria released their debut album in 2009. Rafael collaborated with the arrangement of Fado das dúvidas, originally released by Madredeus. Solo voice by Ana Roque.
CD title: Notas à Margem; TunaMaria; Released: 2009.


Carlos do Carmo Songbook_Rafael Fraga

Carlos do Carmo Songbook | Book

In a bilingual edition (Port / Eng) this book brings together some fifty Fados and songs sung by Carlos do Carmo, Portugal's most important living Fado singer. The themes included in this selection represent a core part of his repertoire, attending the main authors of which the singer gave voice as Frederico de Brito, Julio de Sousa, Fernando Tordo, Paulo de Carvalho, José Luís Tinoco, José Mário Branco, Ivan Lins, Ary dos Santos, Manuel Alegre and Pedro Tamen. 
The score present melody and chords. The book also includes a biography of Carlos do Carmo, support texts about  the interpretation of scores and translation, numerous photographs, an unpublished manuscript by José Afonso and essential discography from the singer. The preface is written by Ivan Lins.

Title: Carlos do Carmo Songbook
Authors: Rafael Fraga and Augusto Macedo
Publisher: Edições Nelson de Matos
Translation and revision for English: Maria João Freire de Andrade
Revision: Lídia Freitas
Bilingual edition (Port / Eng)
Released: 2008

Songbook Autores Açoreanos_Rafael Fraga

Songbook de autores Açoreanos

A collection of songs of Azorean singers and songwriters, compiled in a leadsheet format.
Title: Azorean Authors Songbook
Authors: Rafael Fraga and Augusto Macedo
Publisher: Teatro Micaelense
Translation and revision for English: Laudalina Rodrigues, Paulo Luís
Bilingual edition (Port / Eng)
Released: 2007