20_Zeca Afonso

20 Canções para Zeca Afonso 

20 Canções para Zeca Afonso is a unique approach to Portuguese popular music that celebrates the music and poetry of José (Zeca) Afonso, one of the most important Portuguese songwriters and poets. In a setting of twenty songs, Rafael Fraga presents original arrangements and orchestrations exploring new musical paths and meanings in Afonso's work. The popular root of his music is recreated by blending his outstanding poetic settings, the freedom of jazz and the subtlety of the string quartet.

Clip of the Barcelona concert, last March 3rd:
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The project was premièred at ACERT - Tondela (2007), and has been performed all around the country, incunding the 25th of April (date of ending of the fascist regime) cellebration at the CCB - Centro Cultural de Belém, Portugal's main arts hall.

Undergoing intense changes, the project now appears with a reduced, more intimist format and welcomes So (voice) and Sebastien Chirife (percussions), along with the introduction of Rafael's portuguese guitar.

Recent concerts:
Date: March 3
Location: L'auditori (Barcelona, Spain)
With: Sofia Vitória and João David Almeida (vocals), João Paulo Esteves da Silva (piano), Rafael Fraga (guitar and portuguese guitar), Augusto Macedo (bass) and Sebastian Chirife (percussions).


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Conception and arrangements: Rafael Fraga
Musical direction: Rafael Fraga
Musical direction assistant | Augusto Macedo

Vocals | Alexandra Ávila and João David Almeida
Piano | João Paulo Esteves da Silva
Saxophones | Jorge Reis
Guitars | Rafael Fraga
Bass | Augusto Macedo
Drums | Bruno Pedroso
Violins | António Jorge Nogueira and Patrícia Tomé
Viola | Sandra Raposo
Cello | Nelson Nogueira

Production | Vera Herold
Design | Vânea Cera